Testing Solutions

Testing Systems

A standard test room for testing the performance of motor.

A low temperature test room for simulating the performance of the motor in a low temperature environment.

A fan performance test system for testing the performance of fan with motor.

A salt spray test equipment for testing the motor in a salt environment.

Technical Center

Technical Center” has obtained the “ Laboratory Accreditation Certificate “ issued by CNAS (China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment).

We currently become the first enterprisein Fujian Provence to join the list of “Nationally Accredited Laboratories” in China.

This accreditation means that our testing capabilities have met, in full, the requirements of CNAS and as a direct result its management and testing capabilities are internationally accredited.

The test reports issued by our Technical Center are now stamped with the seals of CNAS and ILIC (International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation Organization), both of which are recognised globally. These testing reports are accepted by more than 65 technical institutions in 50 countries.
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