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In food, beverage or pharmaceutical industry, regular motors are not designed to withstand the wash down condition that often subjected to high pressure water jets (sometimes at high temperatures) or even more aggressive cleaning agents.

The disadvantage of regular motor is obvious:  

  • It’s difficult to wash away all waste stuffs that residue on the cooling fins or other irregular surface of the motor which result in breeding of bacteria.

  • Aggressive cleaning agents cause paint to chip or flake that may contaminate the end product.

  • The humidity also easily lead to faulty of the motor.
*Aluminum motor after 4 months of work

Comparing with regular motor, Huifeng’s stainless steel motor offers you below advantages:

  • Has no cooling fins, no paint to chip or flake and no surface that will rust, which means that no residue on the motor surface, even the rating plate is engraved on the outer NDE cover to reduce areas where bacteria can lurk.

  • Your equipment uptime will increase and your cost will decrease by reducing the down time for maintenance or replacing the failed motors.
*Huifeng’s stainless steel motor after 2 years of work

Today’s companies in food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries are under the pressure from product safety and increasing costs, Huifeng is ready to work with the customers and provide the value by offering the general motors and OEM/ODM motors.

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