Huifeng’s NEMA standard series motors are designed in accordance with NEMA MG.1:2016.

The 3 phase motors are used in a wide range of applications, the motors are reliable, durable, high efficient, flexible and safe, your overall operating costs and downtime can be minimized by using Huifeng’s motors.

OEM/ODM motors are available to meet every demand of different applications, please send the inquiry to our email, or contact us by whatsapp / skype / wechat / phone, we will contact you asap.

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Product Range

Series Name





Three Phase


EPAct / Premium (NEMA)

Power Range

1/3hp - 20hp


3600 / 1800rpm

IP Degree

IP55, IP54, IP43

Insulation Class



2 / 4 poles

Frame Size


Material of Frame

Rolled Steel



Standard Features

  • Rigid Base (Welded on), or C-Face with Removable Feet or Round Body (Footless) are Optional
  • T Flange and Customized Shaft End is Available
  • Steel Frame and Junction Box
  • Aluminum or Cast Iron End Bracket for Alternative
  • “INVERTER DUTY OPERATION” – 4:1 Constant Torque (CT) / 10:1 Variable Torque (VT)
  • 1.15 Service Factor (Suitable for 50 Hz with 1.0 SF)
  • Insulation Class F, Temperature Rise Class B
  • Manual or Automatic Overload Thermal Protector is Available
  • 100% Copper Wires Supplied by The Top Chinese brand
  • Manufacturers Windings is Vacuum Pressure lmpregnated (VPl) that Can Eliminate Corona and Promote insulation Longevity Rotor is Coated with Anti-Oxidant Painting
  • Each Rotor is Well Balanced with Low Vibration
  • We Use NSK, SKF C&U Bearing
  • Each Bearing is 100% Inspected by a Professional Equipment
  • Various of Packing Types to Satisfy Customers’Requirement
  • Every Component Must Pass Incoming inspection Before Entering Our Warehouse

Request Info

As a professional electric motor manufacturer in China, We have been in the electric motor industry for over 30 years.

Whether you need:

  • AC or PMSM electric motors

  • CNC machining service or stator and rotor laminations

  • High pressure blower

  • Standard motors or custom motors

Just contact us, Huifeng can always satisfy your different needs.

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