The permanent magnet synchronous motors can achieve stable torque at low speed and strong overload capability with a compact motor structure.

  • Concentrated winding, Sine wave design
  • Constant torque output in almost the entire speed range
  • High efficiency, high power factor
  • Installation dimension is according to regular servo motors

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Product Range


IE4 / IE5

Insulation Class


Frame Size


IP Degree


Material of Frame


Power Range

0.75kw - 18.5kw

Standard Features

Energy Saving, Easy to Maintain

Comparing with the standard AC motors, the permanent magnet motor can achieve IE4 / IE5 Super Premium Efficiency level, the max efficiency can be 97%.

Instead of combination of traditional AC motor and speed reduce device, it can avoid the maintain of the speed reduce device, and also avoid mechanical power transmission losses caused by it.

Compact Structure

The motors can achieve IE4 / IE5 Super Premium Efficiency level with a more compact motor structure comparing with standard AC motors.

Suitable for Viriable Speed at Low Frequency with Quick Action

Designed for operation with variable speed drives, comparing with traditional AC motor, the speed is higher at low frequency. The motor can quickly change it’s speed and greatly improve your production efficiency and save your operation cost.

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