Huifeng’s three phase and single phase motors are suitable for fans and blowers, the motors are reliable, durable, high efficient, flexible and safe, your overall operating costs and downtime can be minimized by using Huifeng’s motors.

The motor can be designed for constant torque or variable torque (quadratic torque).

Double poles(such as 2/4 poles or 4/8 poles) or double windings(such as 4/6 poles or 6/8 poles) are in option.

Benefit and options :

  • We provide VFD design, variable speed motors for fans, coolers

  • Different PAD casing designs ensure our motors could be widely used in different application

  • Different shaft design for different fan blades

  • Motor speed can be adjusted by special adjustor

  • Double speed or tripple speed can be designed as requirement

  • TEAO & TEFC structure are in option

Similar Products

Product Range

Motor Type



Single Phase / Three Phase

Material of Frame

Aluminum / Rolled Steel / Cast Iron

IP Degree


Insulation Class



1 Speed / 2 Speed / 3 Speed / VFP


Constant Torque / Variable Torque


2/4, 4/8, 4/6, 6/8


Single Winding / Double Winding

Standard Features

  • 100% Copper Wires Supplied by The Top Chinese brand
  • Manufacturers Windings is Vacuum Pressure lmpregnated (VPl) that Can Eliminate Corona and Promote insulation Longevity Rotor is Coated with Anti-Oxidant Painting
  • Each Rotor is Well Balanced with Low Vibration
  • We Use NSK, SKF C&U Bearing
  • Each Bearing is 100% Inspected by a Professional Equipment
  • Various of Packing Types to Satisfy Customers’Requirement
  • Every Component Must Pass Incoming inspection Before Entering Our Warehouse

Request Info

As a professional electric motor manufacturer in China, We have been in the electric motor industry for over 30 years.

Whether you need:

  • AC or PMSM electric motors

  • CNC machining service or stator and rotor laminations

  • High pressure blower

  • Standard motors or custom motors

Just contact us, Huifeng can always satisfy your different needs.

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